Membership Eligibility. Participation in Prima Vista Animals Hospital’s Wellness plans is open to all pets, regardless of age or medical history. Clients must be on current terms with Provider and have no outstanding balance due.

Duration and renewal. This agreement is effective on the Start Date shown on the Plan Agreement for an initial term of 12 months (Plan Year) and will automatically renew on the anniversary of the Start Date in each successive year for subsequent periods of one year, until canceled by Member or Provider as described below.

Plan Contents. Only the services in the chosen plan listed are included. Unused services do not carry over to subsequent years, and are considered ‘lost’ unless used within one year of the date of the agreement. Plan contents refresh upon renewal.

Fees. Fees charged for products and services not included in the chosen Plan will be determined in accordance with the fee schedule in force at the time those products are sold and those services are rendered, and must be paid in full at that time.

Discounts. The plan discounts apply to all Providers’ services which are not included in the plan.